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the ultimate exfoliating bathing pouf

now in Whole Foods of Virginia Beach!

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get the biggest bath lather ever!

insert your favorite rectangular bar soap, wet & massage to make big lather... as you use BigLather it keeps making big lather!

eco & sustainable

ditching liquid soap is like saving the environment from bottled water and other chemicals - with BigLather, why use anything other than bar soap?

get real clean

other products can start growing mold in just 8 days - BigLather
inhibits mold growth when rinsed & hung to dry between uses

stop dropping slippery, slimy bar soap

= easy bathing fun for kids, adults, mothers & disabled

ditch liquid soap to save $100+ a year

stop washing your $$, health, & environment down the drain!

I got them and I love it never gonna get any other loofa again these are awesome

- Lucy R.

...they are awesome

- Gina T.

...I love it!!!!!

- Lauren T.

...OMG I am in LOVE!!!!!

- Kristy L.

...I love it. It matches my military uniform.

- Anthony I.

I really like it. My son does too, he yells out bubble soap, mommy.

- Erin F.

This is a great product. Really does save money over liquid soap.

- Robert Felmey.

Love this product!! My husband and I both have one and we love it!
Great lather with no film residue :)

- Jennifer K.

...After using them everyday now for the past two weeks wanted to take a moment to say, THANK YOU!!! With two young boys, 6 & 9 bath time is wet but leaving them on their own to use soap they almost never get clean. With big lather (the product lives up to the name too) that is not a problem:)...

- Beau Turner using big lather on my boys. I bathe them together since they are 2 and 4. Washing them takes way less time than it used too. I really like the product.

- Julie Wells

Great Product & Great People!

- Davy Wilson

...Thanks BigLather! The rest of the city will benefit from my increased hygiene as well!

- Mads Hansen

Great product!!!

- Joy Orlowsky it-no slippery soap or using half of a bottle because they aren't paying attention. Thank you!

- Julie Wells

...great product! Will be recommending to friends and family!

- Jeff Mitchell

lasts 12x longer than other sponges

use your BigLather for 12+ months = spend less & waste less

free shipping to 187+ countries


you will love using Big Lather; if not tell us how to make it better
& we will issue a full refund - read independent reviews here

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